ENJOY OUR “Greatest Hits”

Night Market (2013)

Sit at the chef counter and take in all the aromas and unique flavors you can find at a Southeast Asian-inspired market. Experience an array of noodle dishes, broths, spices, and sides by…

* La Cocina Chefs

SFStreetFoodFestival - 1 - Eddie Hernandez.jpg
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Fried Chicken Bucket Bar (2014)

We’re bringing back the All-You-Can-Feast bucket of chicken! Reminisce about our 2014 festival with finger-licking fried chicken from…

Tostada Mercado (2016)

Inspired by our 2016 La Lucha event, choose your own guisados and toppings to build your favorite mercado-style tostadas. Serving up deliciousness:


Whole Hog BBQ Pitmasters (2015)

Pay homage to our 2015 Spit Roast Dinner by saddling up to succulent cuts of slow-roasted meats and the best BBQ sandwiches by…

La cocina municipal marketplace

In the heart of San Francisco's Tenderloin neighborhood, La Cocina will open the country's first women-led food hall. The 7,000 sq.-ft. Municipal Marketplace will offer economic opportunity for low-income and immigrant women, a safe and accessible space for Tenderloin residents, and stand as an innovative model for anti-gentrification, conscious development, and private and public partnerships. Visit the seven chefs who will make the Marketplace their home:

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