The 6th Annual Street Food Festival is here! We’re still finalizing vendors, but right now here’s what to expect at this year’s festival, the last year on Folsom St!

  • 4505 Meats

    Chef Ryan Farr and his wife, Cesalee, founded 4505 Meats in January of 2009. While working as a classically trained chef and heading a Michelin Star restaurant, Ryan developed his artisan butchery techniques and created unique ways of expressing his love for all things meaty. Ryan’s experience and voracious appetite are an ideal complement to Cesalee’s creativity, style, and overall vision for the company. Ryan and Cesalee are dedicated to flavor and quality, adding their own unique touches to create exceptional meaty products. Based out of San Francisco, they strongly believe in keeping it local and supporting the growing Bay Area community and food movement.

  • A16

    A16 shares a name with the highway that runs from Naples to Canosa, Puglia. True to its namesake, it gathers inspiration from southern Italy, particulary Campania, the region surrounding Naples. Chef Chris Thompson oversees the menu, which features fresh pasta, house-butchered and house-cured meats and authentic Neopolitan pizza. Complementing the rustic menu, wine director/owner Shelley Lindgren selects wines that highlight the indigenous grapes from Campania and nearby regions. Since A16 opened in February 2004, it’ had the honor of welcoming several renowned, Italian winemakers for wine dinners and special events. It also celebrates local farmers and purveyors by partnering with organizations such as Outstanding in the Field, Roots of Change, and Slow Food.

  • Alicia’s Tamales los Mayas

    In August of 2010, Alicia Villanueva came to La Cocina with a dream: to start her own tamale cart as a means to spread her own Mexican traditions and customs. For Alicia, the best tamales are stuffed with love, and the best people are stuffed with her tamales. She’s been making delicious tamales for her family and friends for years, and finally decided that it was time to let the rest of the world in on her amazing food. Find Alicia's Tamales los Mayas five days a week at Justin Hermann Plaza. If that's not enough, Alicia's Tamales los Mayas is available for catering.

  • Azalina’s

    Azalina is a fifth generation street vendor from Malaysia. She grew up in a spice-rooted family immersed in street food culture. After moving to the United States and starting a family, she began cooking for friends who encouraged her to sell her food formally. Azalina joined La Cocina in 2010, and has been selling her food at Fort Mason's Off the Grid every Friday. AZALINA'S line of traditional Malaysian simmer sauces are sold at various Bay Area Whole Foods locations. AZALINA'S also caters private and corporate events.

  • Basa Seafood Express

    We are a retail seafood store that also serves prepared meals. We have been in business for four years at our 24th Street location and are part of the lower 24th Street Merchants and Neighborhood Association.

  • Beijing Restaurant

    Owner Jin brings the authentic flavors of Beijing and a couple of pictures of Yao Ming to this family owned restaurant, with two locations in San Francisco.

  • Bicycle Bánh Mì

    Bicycle Bánh Mi is a mother and daughter team, passionate about cooking authentic, simple, and delicious Vietnamese food. It specializes in Vietnamese bánh mì sandwiches and offers a collection of Vietnamese dishes based on family recipes. Bicycle Bánh Mì currently operates out of a shared kitchen space in the Mission district, providing bicycle delivery and catering to San Francisco and the Bay Area.

  • Bini’s Kitchen

    Plucked from the foothills of the Himalayas, Binita Pradhan welcomes you to her kitchen to experience home cooked Nepalese cuisine. Bini’s Kitchen combines home-ground spices with local ingredients and delivers recipes passed down through generations. Chef Bini’s passion emerged in her mother’s kitchen in Kathmandu. Now you can savor the vibrant soul food of Nepal right here in San Francisco with dishes like the famous Nepalese dumplings (momo) with spicy tomato cilantro sauce. She debuted at the Night Market and Conference, serving her delicious food. However, if you missed these two events, you can subscribe to her weekly newsletter to order her food.

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  • Boxing Room

    Justin Simoneaux’s cooking is influenced by the Cajun and Creole dishes of New Orleans and coastal Louisiana. He couples traditional techniques and recipes with seasonal Northern California ingredients, for the fare he offers at Boxing Room as Executive Chef.

  • Brass Knuckle

    Heavy riff on innovation, Brass Knuckle brings simple flavors to the front stage. Each item is carefully crafted to rattle and grip your tastebuds. Brass Knuckle bursts on the culinary stage with a true vengeance for the "perfect bite".

  • central kitchen

    The central kitchen proprietors are David Steele, David White, and Thomas McNaughton. central kitchen is a Northern California inspired restaurant with technique-driven dishes.

  • Chaac Mool

    Chaac Mool Yucatecan Food would love the opportunity to introduce you to traditional Mayan Cuisine. Chef/Owner Luis Vazquez drew inspiration from the ancient god of rain to start the namesake company, Chaac Mool. Vazquez, a fifth generation Yucatecan breadmaker, and his wife Maria formed the company six years ago in their small Tenderloin apartment. Chaac Mool is a family-run business that serves regional Mexican, indigenous and Pre-Hispanic cuisine. The Vazquez family believes that there is more to Mexican food than burritos and uses their food to bring the legends, flavors and feelings of Mexico straight to you.

  • Cholo Soy

    Yeral Caldas is the owner of Cholo Soy. Yeral makes the folkloric and typical food of Northern Peru. This is his third year at the festival.

  • Clairesquares

    Clairesquares handcrafts unique caramel and chocolate based products derived from traditional Irish recipes.

  • Clearly Kombucha

    Clearly Kombucha is a handcrafted beverage made from whole leaf, fair trade certified green tea and organic cane sugar. It uses a 30-day fermentation with its SCOBY and then bottles up the freshest and smoothest kombucha.

  • Crème Brûlée Cart

    Started in 2009 The Crème Brûlée Cart was an original pioneer of San Francisco's burgeoning street food scene. Serving gourmet desserts on the streets of San Francisco The Crème Brûlée Cart has brought it's own brand of whimsy laced with class and a dash of rock and roll to neighborhoods all over San Francisco.

  • Curry Up Now

    Curry Up Now serves Indian Street inspired from street foods in India and Indian foods popular in other parts of the world on 4 food trucks & a brick & mortar location in San Mateo. Our food is crafted from local, sustainable and organic products whenever possible. The food we serve is the food that we have grown up eating. We hope you like the food as much as we do.

  • D’maize

    D’maize Catering is a family business that was created to bring Salvadorian food and culture to the Bay Area. Because of D’maize, people can eat, try, and enjoy the Salvadorian food with modern twist, keeping its traditional flavor and qualified service at your private and family events, meetings and corporate events. D’maize cooks with healthier ingredients as much as possible and accommodates vegans and vegetarians.

  • Delicioso Crêperie

    Gabriela grew up in a family that loved food from all over the world—a passion, and flavor, she brings to Delicioso Crêperie. Hailing from Mexico, Gabriela moved to San Francisco, to pursue her interest in the culinary world. After working jobs in various restaurants in the city, Gabriela found her way to La Cocina. She is now turning her talents towards crêpes, a simple food she’s loved all her life. Delicioso Crêperie focuses on making gourmet, one-of-a-kind crêpes that reflect the global food influences of Gabriela’s childhood.

  • Don Bugito

    Don Bugito, based in San Francisco and born at La Cocina, is a food company that offers tasty edible insects prepared as gourmet foods and treats. Monica Martinez was inspired by pre-hispanic and contemporary Mexican cuisine, specifically by the "bugs" she snacked on as a child. This cuisine has been consumed by people in Mexico and within cultures throughout the world for thousands of years. Don Bugito is thrilled to be able to share new versions of these classic foods with an American audience as well as support a healthier world by providing a sustainable, ecological food.

  • El Buen Comer

    Homestyle Mexico City cooking is at the heart of chef-owner Isabello Caudillo’s family-owned business. Since moving from Mexico City to San Francisco, Isabel’s passion for preparing the food of her childhood has blossomed from cooking for family and friends out of her kitchen, to landing externships with San Francisco restaurants like Delfina and Mijita, to her current post at the Noe Valley Farmers Market. El Buen Comer will transport you to her family’s kitchen table in Mexico City.

  • El Huarache Loco

    Veronica Salazar was born in the neighborhood of Ramon Millan in Mexico City, Mexico, where she grew up around food, both in her home and in the restaurant that her family owned. When VeronĀ­ica moved to San FranĀ­cisco, she saw that there were many taquerias, but she felt they lacked the sazon (magic touch) of kitchens from back home. She took this as an opportunity to bring the authentic flavors of the D.F. to S.F. You can now find Veronica and her entire family doling out her beloved huaraches, mixiotes and cactus salad every Saturday at the Alemany and Marin Farmer’s Market, and at their brick-and-mortar restaurant at the Marin Country Mart in Larkspur Landing.

  • El Nuevo Frutilandia

    El Nuevo Frutilandia has been a landmark in the Mission since 1978. Long ago, El Nuevo Frutilandia was just an ice cream and shake parlor, but now it serves home-style Cuban and Puerto Rican cuisine. New proprietors have taken ownership and are keeping the traditional recipes authentic to Cuba and Puerto Rico. Chef Gary Millar, who has family in Puerto Rico, has years of catering experience along with cooking by his mother’ side and learning how to use authentic Puerto Rican spices and techniques.

  • El Pípila

    Lupe has always been fascinated by the flavors of her hometown. Her culinary knowledge and skills are a family tradition—she learned her passion for cooking from her mother and grandmother, who were well known for their traditional dishes. For real Guanajuato flavor (or to find out what that even means), try Lupe’s jicama salad with cilantro and lime vinaigrette. Or her pozole verde, a chicken stew with homini and tomatillo served with lime, cilantro, radish, and crisp tortillas.

  • El Sur Empanadas

    El Sur serves up handmade Argentine style empanadas directly from the oven of a restored Citroen H-Van. El Sur was started by Marianne Despres, a classically trained chef and mother of two. After graduating from the Cordon Bleu in Paris, she continued her culinary training in some of the world’s best kitchens including Potel et Chabot and the French Laundry. Marianne and her team use traditional techniques for the fillings and dough, and source the ingredients from some of the Bay Area’s best purveyors. The herbs and olives are grown on the Despres’ family farm in Sonoma.

  • El Tonayense

    Benjamin Santana, the godfather of taco trucks in the Mission District, has been serving his authentic and delicious recipes to the people of San Francisco since 1994. He uses only the freshest ingredients to give each bite true authentic flavor. He prides himself on the homemade salsas that accompany each dish as it comes from his secret family recipe. One of the best compliments he often hears is, “Wow, the tacos are so good, I feel like I am in Mexico.” El Tonayense strives to make each offering absolutely delicious and authentic and has received many honors and praises. They include Zagat winner “Best Cheap Eats”, Sunset Magazine recommended, Michelin Man recommended, 7x7 Magazine rated, Rolling Stones Magazine rated, and Check Please, just to name a few.

  • Eleganza Catering

    Eleganza Catering has a vision of accommodating parties both big and small. Off-site parties can be accomplished anywhere, whether it is a wedding, corporate gathering, or a special event. Impeccable service is its commitment. Eleganza Catering is devoted to providing the highest quality of food, customer service, and spectacular work as a team.

  • Eji’s Ethiopian

    Addis Ababa, Eji Atlaw spent much of her childhood in the kitchen with her four sisters and mother, learning to make homemade Ethiopian dishes. Food has always been a passion for Eji, and one that stuck with her as she built a new life in the United States. Eji decided to pursue what she loves, and join La Cocina to begin working on plans to start her own vegan Ethiopian business. Eji’s launched at last year’s San Francisco Street Food Festival, and since then Eji has been working as a caterer and developing a line of sauces that showcase Ethiopian flavors, spices and local ingredients.

  • Endless Summer Sweets

    Endless Summer Sweets is a catering company that exists to revive the kid in you, bringing back memories of the neighborhood fairs with family and friends. We make gourmet funnel cakes with unique fun toppings including: fresh strawberries, Ghirardelli sauces, homemade whipped cream, pecans, and crispy bacon topped in agave syrup, sweet and salty kettle corn, hand-dipped corn dogs, caramel apples, and fresh spun cotton candy are fun treats made on our nostalgia driven menu.

  • Estrellita’s Snacks

    Maria del Carmen Flores started getting her knack for entrepreneurship at her corner bus stop stand in El Salvador, selling fruit and homemade chips with her mother. Now she has arrived to the culinary capital of San Francisco, evoking pride in her culture through her very own Estrellita’s Snacks, an offering of tasty pupusas and tamales. You can watch Maria make the doughy corn based treats at Alemany’s Farmers market or have Estrellita’s Snacks cater for an event to add Salvadoran flair.

  • Fritas Shack

    Fritas Shack started as a way to recreate the foods from San Diego and Southern California. It began with trying to emulate favorite greasy taco shops and stands. It then evolved to its present form when it took the food further by making its own versions, apply better cooking techniques, use different ingredients, and introduce new flavors to create food that was reminiscent of the original items but also reflection of its own personality.

  • Good Foods Catering

    The idea behind Good Foods Catering was sparked by the owner Dontaye Ball, who was born and raised in San Francisco. Dontaye Ball grew up in a family where all of his relatives loved to cook. He was inspired by his grandmother, who always cooked from her soul. She only used the best ingredients even if that meant going to her backyard to use food that she grew with her own hands. When Dontaye set out to pursue a culinary lifestyle, he would only work for places that exhibited the values that were instilled from his grandmother. His culinary career started at the City College of San Francisco Culinary Arts Program, and since then he has worked at some of the best restaurants, such as Delfina, Delfina Pizzeria, Google, and Contigo. Dontaye took this foundation with him when he created Good Food Catering. Good Foods only uses the best ingredients. All of the products are made using natural ingredients from local farmers. Good Foods uses meat that has no antibiotics or hormones from birth to box. The idea is to take BBQ to the next level using interesting ingredients like hog jowls, pork belly and beef cheeks. Chef Dontaye has so much passion for making Good Food even if that means he has to make own bacon for his famous bacon BBQ sauce. He likes to make food that bring people together and want people to be able to enjoy something different. He wants to make sure everyone the he comes in contact with has a chance to enjoy Good Food.

  • Hapa Ramen

    Hapa Ramen is a roaming noodle stand and Fillmore district restaurant that makes organic, seasonal ramen.

  • Hapa S.F.

    Hapa San Francisco serves local, natural, and sustainable Filipino cuisine. It sources the finest ingredients, organic whenever possible, to create dishes inspired by California but firmly grounded in their Filipino roots. Hapa S.F.’s mission is to eradicate the perception that Filipino cuisine is unhealthy and establish its reputation as one of the finest Southeast Asian cuisines. Chef William Pilz knew he would one day help garner Filipino cuisine the attention it deserved. He spent several years working in restaurants with some of the best chefs in San Francisco—Ron Siegel, Laurent Gras, David Kinch, and Josef Centeno—honing his craft while perfecting the dishes of his youth paired with the bounty of San Francisco’s farmers’ markets. He opened Hapa S.F. in its present form on April 28, 2010, in probably one of the cheapest ever restaurant openings. Hapa S.F. ended up getting reviewed to no knowledge of their own on their third day of service, the title of the article being, “Filipino taco truck lives up to the hype.” The rest is very quickly becoming history thanks to all of Hapa S.F.’s fans.

  • Heirloom Café

    Heirloom Café was founded with two concurrent ambitions: to offer a wide variety of aged wines from a carefully managed cellar, and to serve simple, well-prepared food at reasonable prices. Their wine cellar and their love of mature wines are the foundation of the restaurant. Heirloom has been actively identifying and sourcing wines from their favorite producers in California and regions all over Europe for many years, and they are thrilled, every night at the restaurant, to be able to offer dozens of different wines, which have had years in the bottle to improve. The kitchen at Heirloom is dedicated to offering a menu that is concise, seasonal, highly selective, and exceedingly tasteful. They are not any more interested to work with harder-to-find, esoteric ingredients than they are to work with very good carrots and onions. Whatever time of year, Heirloom prides on developing plates and presentations that maximize flavor, aesthetic beauty, integrity, and value.

  • Hella Vegan Eats

    Hella Vegan Eats is celebration of vegan cuisine and creative movement dedicated to discovering, developing, and sharing more sustainable ways to enjoy food. The creation of Hella Vegan Eats was inspired by the travels and adventures of the owners/chefs, Sylvee and Tiffany Esquivel, who have combined culinary prowess, vegan ethics, and an unrelenting sense of humor to create a whimsical cuisine everyone can appreciate. Their unique and innovative cuisine is available for catering, pop-ups, and events!

  • Il Cane Rosso

    Il Cane Rosso’s cuisine focuses on local organic produce & sustainable pasteurized meats. Chef Lauren Kiino and her team employ Northern California’s bountiful produce to craft menus that change daily & showcase the seasonal market offerings. Fostering age-old Italian techniques and values, Il Cane Rosso uses high-quality, hometown ingredients for all aspects of service.

  • Jarred

    Emiliana Puyana grew up in Venezuela surrounded by great food. These early experiences threw her into a life and career in the food service industry. She decided to attend culinary school and worked as a line cook in many of the cities best restaurants, experience which has helped Emiliana gained a true admiration and respect for seasonality and high-quality ingredients. It was out of this admiration for great food and passion for cooking that the idea for Jarred was born. Jarred is a pickle business that uses a large variety of fruits and vegetables when they are at the peak of their seasons with only the best local, organic, and sustainable ingredients around. Look for Jarred to pop-up at farmers’ markets around the Bay.

  • kama food lab

    kama food lab provides a unique and memorable culinary experience that is easily accessible. It creates its niche in the mobile food industry by serving innovative yet original food concepts that are healthy, locally sourced, and reasonably priced.

  • Kasa Indian Eatery

    Anamika Khanna, co-owner and executive chef at Kasa, was born and raised in Hounslow, an infamous Indian enclave in West London, and spent much of her childhood in boarding school outside Mumbai. Her love for street food started in Mumbai, one of the world’s great street food cities. She has great memories of eating along Chowpatty Beach as a little girl—pani puri, bheja masala fry, pav bhaji, and, of course, Kwality vanilla ice cream were her favorites! She’ inspired by street vendors because of the passion they put into making one dish and only one dish extremely well. She opened Kasa in the Castro over three years ago and now have full-fledged food truck so she can serve street food on actual streets! Kasa’s kati rolls are traditional street food from Calcutta.

  • Kika’s Treats

    Growing up, Cristina Arantes spent her days in Brazil baking and eating all things chocolate. Cristina worked at many bakeries upon moving to San Francisco. After perfecting her craft, she was ready to share her favorite treats with the world through Kika’s Treats. Kika’s Treats is an artisanal chocolate company, which manufactures premium pure chocolate-covered confections. Kika’ Treats is not only committed to using the finest quality ingredients, but also supporting the local economy and enforcing green practices in the workplace. On top of that, Kika’s Treats gives back to the community, through in-kind donations to non-profits and by donating 5% of its net profits to La Cocina, where it all started. Treat yourself, and feel good about it!

  • Kung Fu Tacos

    Tan Truong and Jonathan Ward started Kung Fu Tacos in the summer of 2009. They serve flavorful street tacos filled with delicious Chinese-inspired fillings like Asian asada steak, nun chuk chicken, and their signature roast duck. They make all of their own marinades, salsas, and sauces in house and from scratch, and they source only the best quality ingredients so that each bite is bursting with flavor and freshness.

  • La Luna Cupcakes

    Ever since Elvia was a young girl, she became excited when she ate and savored different cakes at parties. Her love of sweets and pastries motivated her to take pastry and decorating classes, so she could learn to mix different ingredients and create new flavors with innovative decorations. Elvia makes cupcakes to order for all kinds of occasions in delicious and unique flavors, including tres leches cakes and tiramisu. If you want to live life to the fullest, one cupcake at a time, La Luna is a great place to start.

  • La Torta Gorda

    One of San Francisco’s most unique restaurants, La Torta Gorda opened its doors on July 2, 2002. This traditional Mexican restaurant was inspired by the flavorful foods found in the Mexican state of Puebla. Founder Armando Macuil, also a native of the state, wanted to share the foods of his homeland with the Bay Area and the rest of the world.

  • La Victoria Bakery Company

    On a warm summer Mexican day in 1940, after having sold his fair share of shoes, medicines, kitchen utensils, and pan dulce, Gabriel Maldonado (age 20) had a brief thought. The United States doesn’t sound so bad, and the Bracero Program was still being offered. It was a hard choice to leave behind a tradition of over 100 years of baking for the hopeful fruits of the United States. Fortunately for him, San Francisco was his final destination, and in 1951, Don Gabriel Maldonado opened a little bakery at 2951 24th Street named La Victoria Bakery. At the time it was mostly an Italian and Irish working-class neighborhood in the Inner Mission near St. Peter’s Church. He eyed the location across the street, home of Murphy’s Drug Store, as a better location as it was directly next to the church and on the sunnier side of the street. In 1955, he moved across the street and never looked back. Now, in the capable hands of Jaime Maldonado and pastry chef Luis Villavelazques, La Victoria continues to thrive.

  • Lers Ros

    Lers Ros was named by Tom Narupon Silargorn, owner and chef, and is derived from Sanskrit—the former form of the Thai language. These two words are ancient and formal. “Lers” equates to excellent, and “ros” to the taste of the food. Hence, “Lers Ros” means excellent taste of the food. It’s a Thai restaurant dedicated to serving authentic, unique, and fresh Thai dishes, premium beverages and wines. Their food fits nicely with the demand for international, exotic, and healthy cuisine.

  • Let’s Be Frank

    Let’s Be Frank was founded by Sue Moore and Larry Bain, fast-food visionaries who started the company in 2005 with the simple goal of changing the world one hot dog at a time. Sue, formerly the “meat forager” for Berkeley, CA’s famed Chez Panisse, and Larry, long-time restaurant professional, member of the San Francisco Sustainable Food Systems team, and advocate of the benefits of local, healthy foods, joined forces to return the much-demeaned hot dog to its rightful position: an icon for a healthy food system. Their goal was that their frank would become a way to nourish both eaters and growers. Let’s Be Frank supports the ever-shrinking group of family farmers and ranchers committed to raising their animals in a humane, conscientious, and healthy manner and in so creates dogs gone good.

  • LIBA Falafel

    LIBA Falafel is an unconventional falafel bar, offering condiments for customers to top their own sandwiches. Their falafel is made from organic chickpeas, ground with spices and herbs, and is gluten-free. LIBA’s regular locations feature a 15-item bar with salads, sauces, and pickles that change with California’s seasonal produce.

  • Los Cilantros

    Dilsa comes from Cuernavaca, Morelos, and has been deeply involved with food since she was a girl. Growing up, Dilsa’s family cultivated their own food for two reasons: the love of seeing their food develop from seed to table and because it was economical.

    When Dilsa came to the Bay Area, it was very exciting for her to discover the organic food movement. She realized that there weren’t many Mexican restaurants that that offered healthy alternatives for people and the environment. This is what inspired her to start a Mexican food business using local, organic, and seasonal ingredients whenever possible.

    Los Cilantros is a catering and events company whose mission is never to lose authenticity, and to carefully prepare food with simple flavors using the best ingredients available. You can also feast on Dilsa’s food at Copita in Sausalito where she is the sous chef.

  • Maite Catering

    During culinary school, Columbian-born Constanza Ortiz found that, of everything she learned, what she loved best was making small things. She built Maite Catering with a focus on making the perfect, bite-sized treat for any occasion. From mini empanadas to tiny cups of ceviche, Constanza specializes in tapas, especially dishes from her native Columbia. Learn more about the inspired culinary and event experiences she offers on her website.

  • Marla Bakery

    First off, there is no Marla, or rather, there is no one Marla. Marla is a composition of the first letters of those in our families (including us, the J is silent) from whom we’ve learned to cook and bake—mothers, fathers, grandmothers, bubbies, great grandmothers, and step-mothers. When we were thinking of a name for our new endeavor, we knew that we wanted it to reflect both past and present, where we are today and where we came from.

    In our lives food is a lodestone and after years of bread baking, pastry chefing, pickling, brining, and various and sundry other culinary obsessions, we decided it was time to take the leap together and realize this first fig newton of our imagination.

  • Maya Luna

    Maya Luna is a worker-owned restaurant cooperative in San Francisco’s Mission District. The worker-owners focus on a mix of authentic Central American and Mexican food using the freshest ingredients from the Bay Area and Mexico.

  • Mission Economic Development Agency (MEDA)

    MEDA is a non-profit organization in the Mission District with a goal to contribute to the economical prosperity of Latino families in San Francisco. They are sponsoring two businesses this year. Leticia Montes is the owner of Churros Mexicanos and sells in a push cart in San Francisco. Other products she sells include Salvadoran and Mexican tamales and fresh fruit. Luis Bolaños is the owner of Tortas Ciudad de Mexico, authentic food from the city of Mexico. Luis has small restaurant on 200 6th Ave, San Francisco.

  • Minnie Bell’s Soul Movement

    A San Francisco native, Fernay McPherson has been cooking for years. After owning her own catering business for the past few years, she is now apart of the forever growing world of mobile food vending. Using traditional family recipes, Minnie Bell’s menu offers up delicious authentic, homestyle soul food, combining soulful flavors and southern comfort foods that African-Americans have been cooking for generations.

  • Mozzeria

    Located in the Mission, Mozzeria offers an unique dining experience. Experience sumptuous pizzas cooked in our beautiful, 5,000-pound Stefano Ferrara oven. Choose from a menu of either traditional or imaginative pizzas. Open since December 2011, the décor of this lively hangout is decidedly modern, with the wood-burning oven in the center, commanding attention. You get to watch as your pizza is prepared and cooked. Mozzeria’s menu also includes pastas and small dishes with fresh ingredients usually sourced from community farmers markets. A wine bar, local beers on tap, vintage sodas and desserts assure an enjoyable dining experience.

  • Namu Street Food

    A family run place where passion and purity make up a unique neighborhood restaurant. The cuisine is humble, innovative and personal while keeping Korean tradition close to heart. Our menu is inspired by the best local bounty.

  • Neo Cocoa

    While wondering what she’d be when she grew up, Christine Doerr found herself watching a lot of Julia Child. So following her idol’s footsteps, she attended the California Culinary Academy, where she perfected her craft during her more than 10 years of working in multiple establishments in the Bay Area. When Christine’s long-held dream of creating her own business to sell chocolate truffles using fresh, local, organic ingredients came knocking at the door, Christine answered, and Neo Cocoa was born.

  • Nojo

    Nojo specializes in izakaya-style food through a California lens.

  • Nombe Izakaya

    Nombe (pronounced “nom – bay”) refers to someone who likes to drink heartily. We are bringing Japan’s most popular eating and drinking establishments, izakaya, to the heart of Mission. Come taste the real Japanese izakaya fare made by a chef who grew up in Japan eating them. We offer Japanese tapas made with Northern California’s seasonal, sustainable, and locally-sourced produce along with over 90 brands of premium sake, organic shochu cocktails, as well as eight Japanese and local beers on tap.

  • Nopalito

    Nopalito is a vibrant neighborhood Mexican kitchen celebrating the traditional cookery of Mexico and utilizing its philosophy of purchasing local, organic, and sustainable ingredients.

  • Onigilly

    Onigilly [Oh-Knee-Ghee-Lee] serves onigiri, a traditional Japanese food made with brown rice and gourmet filling wrapped with seaweed. When owner Koji Kanematsu came to the US, he noticed that there were sushi restaurants everywhere but couldn’t understand why his favorite Japanese snack was nowhere to be found. So he thought, “Why don’t I open an onigiri business and spread this delicious, healthy and handy snack in the United States?” And in 2009, that’s exactly what he did! You can try onigilly from their trailer at Justin Hermann Plaza and various other locations, as well as at your next office party.

  • Osha Thai

    When sisters Wassana Korkhieola and Lalita Souksamlane needed a name for their Thai restaurant in the Tenderloin, they went to the royal Thai word for “delicious.” But there was another, much more pedestrian reason that made the name OSHA Thai so appealing: it’s easy to say. From a simple restaurant in the Tenderloin, the family of OSHA Thai restaurants have grown in popularity and sophistication. The first OSHA Thai debuted in 1996, and since then, six more have opened across the city. The original location keeps true to its origins, as any great restaurant should. OSHA Thai welcomes you to the front door of its restaurants. They offer a casual experience that leads one on a hip, exciting journey in Thai cuisine.

  • Pig & Pie is new to 24th St, but our recipes are time-tested and true. We make everything by hand. We pickle, smoke, cure, bake, grind, stuff, and twist. From our five-hour slow roasted pork ribs to our seven-day brined beef tongue or handmade sausages, you’ll taste the difference.

  • Pinx

    The Food Channel, local restaurants, and bookstores have all collaborated to inspire and create the vision of Pinx: Southern gourmet. There is nothing more gratifying to Pinky than to see the happy faces of people enjoying her tasty creations. A friend pressured her to participate in the 2011 San Francisco Street Food Festival, and the rest is history. Her dream was to open a breakfast spot with many items, such as sweet potato pie waffles, peach cobbler waffles, red velvet pancakes, maple glazed bacon, and strawberry shortcake French toast. Life is short…eat something memorable.

  • Radio Africa & Kitchen

    Radio Africa & Kitchen was created by Chef Eskender Aseged. Originally from Ethiopia, Eskender arrived in San Francisco in the late 80s where he spent the next 20 years working in the Bay Area with such luminaire chefs as Jeremiah Tower, Joyce Goldstein, Nancy Oaks, Daniel Peterson, and Daniel Humm. During this time, inspired by these great chefs, he began experimenting with different food preparations of his own.

    When you dine with Radio Africa & Kitchen, you will enjoy a seasonal, nutritionally well-balanced meal that always includes organic vegetables, greens, grains, nuts, wild fish, shellfish and fruit, accompanied by fine herbs and spices.

  • Rice Paper Scissors

    Rice Paper Scissors was created by Valerie Luu and Katie Kwan, two Vietnamese street food vendors in San Francisco who love sitting on small stools. Inspired by the sidewalk dining and street food they experienced in Vietnam, they wanted to recreate the experience in the Mission—complete with small tables, even smaller stools, fresh Vietnamese condiments, Cambodian pop music, and a rotating menu of Vietnamese comfort foods.

  • Ritual Coffee Roasters

    Ritual Coffee Roasters opened in May 2005 with the intention to share amazing coffee with San Francisco, and it was only a matter of weeks, or maybe just one, before Ritual had a line out the door. Many of its customers asked what it was doing to its coffee to make it taste so good, while the connoisseurs simply wanted to know what took it so long to get here. With a strict focus on direct sourcing and strengthening relationships with those producers, Ritual has continued to offer delicious coffees and a great experience to its customers, year after year.

  • Señor Sisig

    We are a Filipino fusion food truck. Our specialty is our family’s Sisig, which is traditional Filipino dish. We combine Filipino flavors with Latin American food concepts. We are most known for our Sisig tacos and Sisig burritos.

  • Sweets Collection

    Inspired by the idea of an art collection, Rosa Rodriguez’s Sweets Collection is based on gelatin that is not only artistic but also edible and sweet. Rosa, hailing from Mexico, once had paintings exhibited in galleries before she learned the art of creating paintings in this palatable medium. Gelatin art can be traced to France, before being imported to Mexico where it was developed and perfected, but Rosa is proud to now bring these sweet creations to San Francisco. Her work is available by special order on her website.

  • Taino’s Puerto Rican Food

    Taino’s Puerto Rican Food was a 40th birthday present from owner Lisa Callaghan to herself. Armed with a passion to cook and desire to share the hidden treasure of Puerto Rican food with Northern California, Lisa first brought Taino’s to the masses with help from the Women’s Initiative at La Cocina’s 2011 Street Food Festival. Building upon her Puerto Rican grandma’s traditional recipes, she served up almost 1,000 pastelillos (empanadas) to a hungry crowd.

  • The Whole Beast

    The Whole Beast provides the centerpiece to any occasion—an entire animal raised and prepared in a holistic manner, paying special attention to animal husbandry. No waste is produced—we use and cook the whole beast. From pig, lamb and cow, to fish and fowl, we will personally choose and cook the whole animal as part of your event.

  • Three Twins Ice Cream

    Three Twins is a true farm-to-cone producer, making all of its ice cream from scratch with milk and cream sourced from organic family farms that are all within 17 miles of the company’s Petaluma ice cream factory. While being organic is dandy, Three Twins Ice Cream focuses on creating inconceivably delicious ice cream with flawless texture. Since being founded by Neal Gottlieb in 2005, Three Twins has grown from one tiny ice cream shop in a tucked away San Rafael location without a single employee to an organic ice cream empire that includes 45 employees, four scoop shops, and packaged ice cream being sold in close to 1,000 stores in 35 states.

  • Wise Sons Deli

    The Wise Sons are Evan Bloom and Leo Beckerman, two long-time friends who had a yearning for a food they couldn’t find in San Francisco. Together, they are bringing the food and the experience of their memories to San Francisco. Each dish comes from the heart; Jewish deli made from scratch with quality, seasonal ingredients served with a sense of old-school hospitality. Pastrami is house-smoked and served on their own rye. Bialies are baked fresh, and pickles rotate with the seasons. Looking to grow the Bay Area Jewish food scene, collaboration with local food artisans have brought everything from authentic bagels to naturally fermented sodas to their menu.

  • Yvonne’s Southern Sweets

    Inspired by her late grandmother, Yvonne has been living out a family legacy of serving mouth-watering homemade southern sweets since 2003. A San Francisco native, Yvonne began at home sharing her special recipe of pralines, a confection pecan candy originating from the Old South. Perfecting a recipe given by a close family friend, Yvonne began sharing her creations with family, friends and co-workers. Everyone who sampled her pralines would rant and rave of the delicious authentic flavor and encouraged Yvonne to share her tasty treats with others. Using her enterprising talents, Yvonne began making her pralines and expanded her offerings to include other specialty desserts such as ol school butter cookies, sweet potato pies, peach cobblers, and cakes for small parties and social gatherings at the request of family, friends and local community organizations. The small order requests quickly grew into large orders of 100-200 guests at local civic and social events. Yvonne opened her store in the Bayview Hunters Point community in 2006, and the rest is history.

  • Zella’s Soulful Kitchen

    It’s said that when you’re born, you come into the world knowing exactly what you’re supposed to do with your life. Due to numerous distractions, most of us take detours on our journeys, spending quite a lot of time trying to discover our way back to that knowingness. At the young age of eight years old, Chef Dionne Knox remembers spending most of her time in the kitchen with her grandmother, Zella, cooking meals and baking delicious desserts. Zella was a dynamic chef known for cooking everything from scratch. To ensure the best flavors in her cooking, Zella grew fresh vegetables in her garden, raised chickens for fresh eggs, made her own jam, baked bread every day, and churned her own butter. At Zella’s Soulful Kitchen, she continues this tradition by providing farm-fresh, handcrafted soul food.